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June 07, 2019 : 2019 Lake Level Peak at Record Low

It can now be said with a high degree of certainty that Shuswap Lake levels for 2019 have peaked at 347.591m on the evening of June 06. Levels have dropped by 1.7cm (0.7in) over the past 24hrs and are expected to continue to drop at a similar rate.

The 2019 peak level sets a new 25 year record as the lowest lake peak recorded, beating the 2005 lake peak of 347.671m by 8.0cm (3in). It also continues the trend of Shuswap Lake peaking nearly a month earlier than all the years before 2014. During this year's runoff Shuswap Lake levels increased by 2.736m from its lowest level to peak which sets another long-time record for the smallest annual level rise of the lake. Furthermore, it appears that last winter's snowpack was significantly lower than usual and, in this regard, might also have set some low records. However, there is no sufficient historical data available for a proper comparison.

Mountain temperatures have dropped significantly over the past 2 days and returned back to sub-zero values in the higher elevations. The Hunter's Range may also have seen a new layer of snow recently; however, it is likely to melt away as soon as the sun comes out again. Nevertheless, there is simply not enough snow left in the mountains to push the Shuswap Lake any more higher.

Shuswap Lake peaked 1.55m (5 ft) lower than last year; therefore, in time for the summer vacation season all beaches will be much bigger than in previous years. On the downside, however, hidden sandbanks are already much closer than usual to the lake surface and can become a more serious risk factor for boaters. Stay in good distance from the shoreline and approach beaches slow and carefully. Don't take a shortcut to the open lake at the end of the Sicamous channel; your fun trip might just end there right on the sandbank and thus might not contribute to your pleasant boating experiences.

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Last Lake Measurements
  Date: June 14, 2019
  Lake Level: 347.430 m 1139.86 ft.
  1-Day Change: 2.1 cm 0.8 in.
  Water Temp.: 17.8 °C 64 F
  Day Low: 18.7 °C 66 F
  Day High: 32.5 °C 91 F
Mountain Temperaturs
  Park Mtn: Low: 6.9°C High: 16.5°C
  Hunters Range: Low: 6.5°C High: 14.3°C
  Celista Mtn: Low: 6.7°C High: 16.9°C
Mountain Snowpack
  Park Mtn: 0 cm 0.0 in
  Hunters Range: 56 cm 22.0 in
  Celista Mtn: 0 cm 0.0 in
  Next Update: June 15, 2019
Shuswap Snowpack Information 2018/19

Lake, Weather, and Flood Warnings
Currently are no weather or lake warnings in effect.

Shuswap Wildfire Watch 2019
2019-06-13...: Chase
Harper Creek; 15km West of Chase
2019-06-13...: Celista
Crowfoot Mountain; North of Celista
2019-06-13...: Barriere
Barriere Lake; Between Barriere and Adams Lake
2019-06-14...: Barriere
Saskum Mountain; North of East Barrier Lake
2019-06-14...: Adams Lake
North Adams Lake
2019-06-14...: Celista
North of Leopold Rd

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