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May 28, 2020 : Shuswap Runoff Update

For the first time in 2 weeks the Shuswap Lake rise has slowed down to just below 3 inches today, as most of the recent rain water has been absorbed by the soil or has drained into creeks and rivers. The snowpack in upper mountains remains high; especially in the Hunters Range where the snow accumulation at 1,800m is still over 2.2m (nearly 7.5 ft) as of today and over 50cm (20 in) higher than this day of 2018. It must be therefore assumed that this year's lake peak will be between the 2018 peak and the peak of the 2012 flood year. Spill-overs and some flooding of lower areas, like floodplains and along the lower Shuswap River, are almost certain.
Furthermore, it appears as some rain and rain showers will reach the Shuswap over the next 2 weeks. In fact, a weather warning has been released today predicting thunderstorms and periods of more or less heavy rainfall this weekend. Any rain at this time can easily overload creeks and rivers in the region. Rapid waterflow may also pick up lots of deadwood and dump it straight into the lake. Boaters are advised to be very cautious and on the lookout for partially submerged obstacles out on the lake.

The railroad underpass between the Sicamous beach park and the parking lot is now flooded. The sandy beach is gone and the park is getting near of being flooded again. A new picture series will be uploaded to Facebook tonight.

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Shuswap Snowpack Information 2019/20
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Last Lake Measurements
  Date: May 31, 2020
  Lake Level: 348.636 m 1143.82 ft.
  1-Day Change: 8 cm 3.1 in.
  Water Temp.: 11.7 °C 53 F
  Day Low: 13.3 °C 56 F
  Day High: 26.5 °C 80 F
Mountain Temperaturs
  Park Mtn: Low: 1.8 °C High: 7.9 °C
  Hunters Range: Low: 1.3 °C High: 6.9 °C
  Celista Mtn: Low: 5.9 °C High: 8.7 °C
  Silver Star Mtn: Low: 1.8 °C High: 6.9 °C
Mountain Snowpack
  Park Mtn: 129 cm 50.8 in
  Hunters Range: 211 cm 83.1 in
  Celista Mtn: 95 cm 37.4 in
  Silver Star Mtn: 105 cm 41.3 in
  Next Update: June 01, 2020
Shuswap Snowpack Information 2019/20

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Essential items like hand sanitizer, facial tissues, face masks, or anti-bacterial wipes and cleaners remain difficult to find. However, this situation has been improving lately and empty shelves seem to fill up slowly and steadily as supply hoarders must be running into severe over-stock challenges.

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