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Shuswap Lake: December 02, 2021  

The Shuswap Lake level rise has further increased to 6.8cm (2.7 in) during the past 24 hours. Mild temperatures allowed the snow melt to continue while the runoff from the saturated soil of the lower mountains is still ongoing. However, as colder temperatures starting tonight, the runoff should slow down before the weekend and lake levels may drop again by early next week.
There is a short cold snap coming to the Shuswap, followed by potential snowfall well into next week. Temperatures are expected to drop below freezing tonight and continue to drop as low as -7°C (19F) by Sunday night. Expect dense fog along lakes and larger rivers in the Shuswap. Watch out for for black ice or slippery roads into the weekend.

Mountain Snowpack: December 02, 2021  

While the unusual mild temperatures are quickly coming to an end, the mountain snowpack has lost another 10 cm (4 in) of depth today. The top mountain snow layer is likely wet, sticky, and even slushy at some places. However, temperatures are expected to drop back into below freezing tonight and may reach negative double digits as soon as Saturday night, converting the wet snow surface into an icy crust.
A new round of on and off mountain snowfall should start Friday night to last at least well into next week. If you are sledding in the mountains, keep in mind that under the new snow may sit a slippery icy crust. Avoid carving circles into steep mountain slopes, as the new snow layer may break off easily.

Shuswap Mountains Sledding Trails, Cabins, Parking, etc. (First Draft: Eagle Valley; more to come soon)

Trail and Shelter Map

Shuswap Lakewatch NEWS: Shuswap Lakewatch NEWS

Date Headline Topic
2021-07-20Wildfire near SicamousWildfire
2021-06-13First 2021 Shuswap Lake Level Peak RecordedSLW News
2021-05-272021 Runoff Report - May EditionSLW News
2021-04-05The 2021 runoff has startedSLW News
2021-04-04COVID-19 Update: BC case counts at new record highCOVID-19

What's new on December 01, 2021  

Update 2021-12-01:
- Added up-to-date avalanche danger ratings to the mobile version

Update 2021-11-04:
- Preview Added: Shuswap Lake Watch for mobile devices
- Use your phone to check it out at ==>
Over time this mobile version will evolve into a dedicated app for Android and Apple devices.

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Shuswap Lake
  Date: December 07, 2021
  Lake Level: 346.287 m 1136.11 ft.
  1-Day Change: 0.2 cm 0.1 in.
  Water Temp.: 0 °C 32 F
  Day Low: -4.9 °C 23 F
  Day High: -1.0 °C 30 F
Lake Graph

Shuswap Mountains
  Date: 2021-12-07
  Mountain Snowpack
  Park Mtn 103 cm (41 in)
  Hunters Range 147 cm (58 in)
  Celista Mtn 120 cm (47 in)
  Silver Star Mtn 103 cm (41 in)
Daytime Temperatures
  Park Mtn -4.5°C (24 F)
  Hunters Range -5.3°C (22 F)
  Celista Mtn -6.6°C (20 F)
  Silver Star Mtn -4.4°C (24 F)

COVID-19 Information Dashboards
Province (BC) Canada World

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2021-12-07 BC Canada
New Cases 326 2,971
New Deaths 1 27
Total Cases 220,856 1,815,215
Total Deaths 2,363 29,827
* BC does not report COVID updates on weekends
BC Bans and Restrictions

Shuswap Avalanche Danger Rating

New snow and strong wind will make triggering avalanches likely, especially on wind-loaded slopes near ridges.

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