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Shuswap Lake levels and temperatures are recorded daily between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM.
This web site, including river, snowpack, and all other information, is updated daily between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

Latest Shuswap News, Comments, and Updates

S H U S W A P   W E A T H E R   W A R N I N G   In Effect

Shuswap Lake: July 23, 2021  

Dense smoke is hanging over Sicamous and the fire zone again this morning, preventing a clear view of the area at this point. Winds have died down this morning and we should be able to provide another update sometime after noon today.
Checking the fire around 2am last night, only a few small fire spots higher up in the mountains could be seen on the north flank of the fire line. A slightly larger burning spot was visible halfway up the mountain on the southern borderline of the fire. Some dim light could be noticed behind the ridge of the higher visible mountain line, indicating some burning beyond the line of sight. No fire spots could be found close to Sicamous, further indicating that the fire continues to move away from populated areas.
The CSRD is assessing the situation several times a day and as soon as it has been determined that it is safe for people to return, the orders will be rescinded. Updates or changes in this regard are available on the CSRD website ( or the CSRD Facebook page.

4 new fires have started in the Sugar Lake area yesterday, bringing the total of currently active fires within the Shuswap Watershed to 32.
15 of those fires are classified as 'Out-of-Control' burning on nearly 8,000 HA in size. The 4 new fires are already consuming 550 HA, whereas 6 small fires are 'Under-Control' and 7 fires are currently 'Being Held' totalling 100 HA.
A daily updated list and map of Shuswap wildfires is available at

There are currently 4 evacuation zones within the Shuswap Watershed:

Sicamous Fire:
Evacuation Order: Southern half of Sicamous to 2-Mile subdivision
Evacuation Alert: Remaining half of Sicamous and along Highway 97A south of 2-Mile to Swansea Point

Hunakwa Lake Fire (Anstey Arm):
Evacuation Order: South-east half of the town of Seymour Arm
Evacuation Alert: North-west half of Seymour Arm

Three Valley Lake Fire:
Evacuation Order: Entire north side of Three Valley Lake
Evacuation Alert: North-west of Three Valley Lake on the south side of Highway #1

Bews Creek Fire (6 km east of Queest Mtn):
Evacuation Order: Mountain area north-west of the fire

Update 2021-07-23, 6:30pm:
Winds have been mostly calm today and dense smoke kept blanketing the Sicamous area and burning mountain. Overall, the wildfire has further moved uphill into the higher mountains and partially past the highest mountain ridge as visible from below. Both the north and south flank of the fire has slightly expanded outward. 2 helicopters have been on site all day dumping water along the burning south and north flanks, successfully pushing the fire back into yesterday's borderline. It appears as the tactical decision was made to keep the side flanks in line and letting the fire burn eastwards in the higher mountain range to deal with it at a later time. It can be estimated that the fire will disappear into the Hunters Range in the next few days, out of sight and safely away from any populated areas.
At this time it seems increasingly unlikely that the fire will push back into or near Sicamous or Swansea Point again.

For latest pictures please check our Facebook page.

Mountain Snowpack: July 18, 2021  

The temperatures in the Shuswap mountains remain unusually warm for this time of the year. All snow, including the high alpine regions, has melted away. Wooded areas remain extremely dry, allowing fires to start easily and to quickly grow out of control. Be especially careful when driving on mountain service roads. Do not smoke outside your vehicle and never flip cigarette butts out of the window. It is highly advised to carry a fire extinguisher and at least a shovel in case something goes wrong when driving along densely wooded roads. Keep the emergency number to report wildfires on your phone before heading up the mountain. Stay away from areas of burning fires.
The snowpack dashboard now shows mountain temperatures during the summer months.

Shuswap Mountains Sledding Trails, Cabins, Parking, etc. (First Draft: Eagle Valley; more to come soon)

Trail and Shelter Map

Shuswap Lakewatch NEWS: Shuswap Lakewatch NEWS

Date Headline Topic
2021-07-20Wildfire near SicamousWildfire
2021-06-13First 2021 Shuswap Lake Level Peak RecordedSLW News
2021-05-272021 Runoff Report - May EditionSLW News
2021-04-05The 2021 runoff has startedSLW News
2021-04-04COVID-19 Update: BC case counts at new record highCOVID-19

What's new on July 18, 2021  

Update 2021-07-18:
- Snowpack dashboard shows mountain temperatures during the summer

Update 2021-07-16:
- Added quick-stats to wildfire list, grouped by fire status
- Reversed wildfire list sort order by date; new fires are now shown first

Update 2021-07-15:
- Cleaned up the active wildfire list on the HOME page.
--- All wildfires are now displayed in a scrollable box
- The active wildfire list and wildfire map is updated twice daily:
--- As part of our regular evening web site update
--- And 1 - 2 hrs after midnight

Update 2021-07-12:
- Changed icon image for Out-of-Control fires
- Added fire size to the HOME page wildfire list and mouse over icon now shows latest fire status

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Last Lake Measurements
  Date: July 23, 2021
  Lake Level: 346.676 m 1137.39 ft.
  1-Day Change: -4.5 cm -1.8 in.
  Water Temp.: 25 °C 77 F
  Day Low: 11.5 °C 53 F
  Day High: 28.1 °C 83 F
  Next Update: July 24, 2021

COVID-19 Information Dashboards
Province (BC) Canada World

Updated daily after 7:00pm
2021-07-23 BC Canada
New Cases 112 618
New Deaths 4 13
Total Cases 148,842 1,425,711
Total Deaths 1,767 26,539
* BC does not report COVID cases on weekends
BC Bans and Restrictions

Lake, Weather, and Flood Warnings
Special Air Quality Statement
More or less dense smoke from wildfires has moved into the Shuswap again. For details and updates follow our Weather Warnings link on the left.
( Environment CA - 2021-07-12 , 12:30:00 am )  

Shuswap Wildfire Watch   (Active Fires: 31)

Fire Status Count Area (HA)
Being Held:798.81
Out of Control:147,701.54
Under Control:51.71

2021-07-23...: Celista
Scotch Creek, 17 km north of Celista
Size: 0.01 HA           (NEW)
2021-07-22...: Sugar Lake
Hobson Peak, 20 km north-east of Sugar Lake
Size: 260.00 HA           (NEW)
2021-07-22...: Sugar Lake
Vigue Creek, 25 km north-east of Sugar Lake
Size: 285.00 HA           (NEW)
2021-07-22...: Sugar Lake
Spectrum Creek, 8 km north-east of Sugar Lake
Size: 3.00 HA           (NEW)
2021-07-22...: Sugar Lake
Sugar Lake FSR, 25 km north of Sugar Lake
Size: 1.50 HA           (NEW)
2021-07-20...: Adams Lake
5 km south-east of Pisima Lake, 11 km east of Adams Lake
Size: 0.01 HA           (Under Control)
2021-07-20...: Sicamous
Wiseman Creek, Hwy 97A, 2 km south of Sicamous
Size: 800.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-18...: Armstrong
Salmon River Rd, 12 km north-west of Armstrong
Size: 0.10 HA           (Under Control)
2021-07-17...: Adams Lake
1 km north-west of Pisma Mountain, 6 km south-east of Spillman Beach
Size: 0.10 HA           (Under Control)
2021-07-17...: Adams Lake
Gollen Creek, 8.5 km north-west of the north end of Adams Lake
Size: 0.01 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-14...: Three Valley Lake
Wap Creek, 7 km south-east of Three Valley Lake
Size: 281.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-14...: Craigellachie
South Eagle, 3.5 km east of Hwy#1 at Last Spike / Eagle River Provincial Park
Size: 0.50 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-13...: Sugar Lake
Lower Nelson FSR, 12 km north of Sugar Lake
Size: 0.10 HA           (Being Held)
2021-07-12...: Adams Lake
3.5 km east of the north end of Adams Lake
Size: 0.01 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-11...: Three Valley Lake
1 km north of Three Valley Lake, 17 km west of Revelstoke
Size: 60.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-11...: Adams River
Sunset Creek (Seymour Range), 42 km north of Seymour Arm
Size: 8.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-10...: Shuswap Lake
Crazy Creek Gorge FSR, 5 km east of Shuswap Lake (Anstey Arm)
Size: 65.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-10...: Shuswap Lake
Cotton Creek, 15 km north of Shuswap Lake (Seymour Arm)
Size: 0.01 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-10...: Mabel Lake
0.5 km east of Hidden Lake, 4 km west of Mabel Lake
Size: 1.10 HA           (Under Control)
2021-07-09...: Shuswap Lake
1 km south of Hunakwa Lake
Size: 1,100.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-09...: Sugar Lake
Spectrum Creek, 7.5 km north of Sugar Lake
Size: 0.01 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-09...: Queest, Eagle Pass
Bews Creek, 6 km north of Highway #1
Size: 200.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-09...: Adams Lake
1.5 km north of Momich Lake
Size: 2,187.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-07...: Mabel Lake
Bunting Rd, 7 km south-east of Kingfisher
Size: 3,000.00 HA           (Out of Control)
2021-07-06...: Adams Lake
Spillman Creek near Adams Lake Marine Park - Spillman Beach Site
Size: 0.01 HA           (Being Held)
2021-07-05...: Adams Lake
Michael Creek, 1.5 km east from north end of Adams Lake
Size: 35.00 HA           (Being Held)
2021-07-04...: Mabel Lake
Tsuius Creek, 8 km east of Kingfisher
Size: 40.00 HA           (Being Held)
2021-07-03...: Mabel Lake
Clarly Creek Rd, 7 km south of Kingfisher
Size: 3.60 HA           (Being Held)
2021-07-03...: Adams Lake
Honeymoon FSR, 4 km south-west of the Adams Lake Marine Provincial Park
Size: 20.00 HA           (Being Held)
2021-07-03...: Adams Lake
Cannon Mtn, 4 km north-east from the north end of Adams Lake
Size: 0.10 HA           (Being Held)
2021-07-02...: Mabel Lake
Stony Lake, 5 km west of Mabel Lake / Wap Creek
Size: 0.40 HA           (Under Control)

Active Fire Restrictions

Open Fire Ban:
Effective from June 11 to October 15, 2021

Campfire Ban:
Effective as of Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Lake Cams
Eagle Bay Weather Cam
Scotch Creek Lake Cam
Bastion Mountain Lake Cam
Silverstar Mountain

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