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May 21, 2018: Shuswap Lake Runoff Update

For the first time in 17 days, today's lake level raise has slowed below 10 cm per day to 'only' 9cm (3.5in). This is still the result of the cloudy days of last week. However, the sun is back and temperatures are expected to reach well over 30C this week. That should bring the level raise back into dual digits by Wednesday at latest.
The weather forecast for this week has changed and, if it can be believed, it is highly disturbing news. Starting with the next weekend, rain is predicted for next weekend and may dump up to 7mm of water into the Shuswap. The following week may bring even more rain showers and it seems to get worse thereafter - much worse. The weather forecast has been wrong a lot this year and we only can hope they will be wrong once more. At the current lake levels, rain is pretty much the worst scenario that could happen. will keep a close eye on the forecast and satellite imagery.

Giving the extreme visitor traffic on, placing this year's pictures would carry the credible risk of crashing our site. We therefore decided to create a Facebook page for all the pictures and various other information. In the next few days we will start uploading pictures on a daily basis and also encourage all our site visitors to check it out, contribute their own pictures, like it or not, and leave your comments; good or bad... During high flood risk periods we are also planning to expand our Facebook content with lake level updates, warnings, and other notifications.
You can reach our Facebook page at shuswaplakewatch on Facebook.
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The May 2018 Runoff in Numbers: River Flow / Discharge Volumes vs. Lake Levels

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Last Lake Measurements
  Date: May 21, 2018
  Lake Level: 348.743 m 1144.17 ft.
  1-Day Change: 9 cm 3.5 in.
  Water Temp.: 11.1 °C 52 F
  Day Low: 12.3 °C 54 F
  Day High: 31.5 °C 89 F
  Next Update: May 22, 2018
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