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Please take a few moments of your time to complete the short poll. Your feedback is very much appreciated and helps us to better understand our site visitor base and to improve the content of this site. This poll is completely anonymous - only our counters are updated. Thank you.

1.   Do you like the new web site style?
  I like it  I don't like it  Undecided  I am a first-time site visitor
2.   How often do you visit this site?
  Daily  2-3 times a week  Weekly  Occasionally  Only during runoff
3.   Please select which of the following visitor groups describes you best:

Local Resident
Seasonal Resident
Local Business Owner
Lake Visitor / Summer Tourist
Sledder / Skier / Winter Tourist
4.   What topic on this site are you most interested in?
  Lake Levels
Business Listing / Tourism
Environmental Issues
Research Projects
Warnings / Flood Reporting
Other Content

Poll Results
Current Poll Result

1. New web style
Like it 86.8%
Don't like it 1.18%
Undecided 7.65%
First time visitor 4.37%
2. Frequency of site visits
Daily 27.25%
2 - 3 per week 30.03%
Weekly 14.72%
Occasionally 16.74%
Runoff only 11.27%
3. Site Visitor Group
Local Residents 38.86%
Seasonal Residents 51.3%
Local Business 1.18%
Summer Tourist 6.56%
Winter Tourist 0%
Houseboater 0.34%
Other 1.77%
4. Topic of Interest
Lake Levels 84.78%
Events 1.35%
Business Listing 0.5%
Environmental Issues 2.19%
Research Projects 0.25%
Warnings / Flooding 9.08%
Other Content 1.85%
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