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April 18, 2018: 2018 Runoff Update
A lot of new snow has been dumped into the Shuswap mountains over the past week. All of the mountain snowpack is now well above average and the snow line still remains in the 1500m to 1700m elevation range. However, the weather is warming up and should be mostly warm and dry for the coming 2 weeks. According to the forecast, by the end of next week temperatures should climb to the high 20th for a few days. Lake levels are already increasing by 1-2 inches per day and a short heat period will certainly accelerate the runoff. Major river levels have also increased and many creeks are starting to carry more water. Warmer weather will quickly melt the snow in mid-range mountains and can overload some creeks in the area.
So far, this year's runoff is closely matching that of 2012 but there is a lot more snow in the mountains. With a few rainy days in between, lake levels could well reach flood stage again this year. Therefore, over the next few days we will be adding a live 2012 - 2018 runoff comparison page to this site.
The cascading waterfalls at the Sicamous Creek park is already worth a visit. It's difficult terrain to walk, adding a touch of adventure to to the experience. We will be adding some of today's Sicamous Creek pictures to the site as well.

 Lake Measurements
  Date: April 20, 2018
  Lake Level: 345.493 m 1133.51 ft.
  1-Day Change: 3.9 cm 1.5 in.
  Water Temp.: 1.7 °C 35 F
  Day Low: 3.9 °C 39 F
  Day High: 17.1 °C 63 F
  Next Update: April 21, 2018

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