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February 14, 2019: Shuswap Winter Update
The Shuswap weather didn't turn out quite as cold this week as predicted. Nighttime temperatures only dropped into the -12C to -15C range, whereas daytime temperatures barely made it below freezing. It seems as temperatures remain decent for the rest of this month, only interrupted by short periods of minor cold snaps. Nevertheless, Shuswap nights have been in the negative double-digits now for 12 days in a row. The snowpack in lower elevations so far is much lower than last year. Mara Lake and the lower Shuswap River have been completely frozen over since last weekend; however, the ice is not stable enough to walk on it and broken-off patches of ice can be seen floating through the Sicamous channel quite frequently.

Overall, today's mountain snowpack is similar to the winter of 2017 around this time - but significantly less than last winter. In comparison to February 13 of last year, the Park Mountain snowpack is 35in lower, Hunter's Range is 38in lower, and Celista Mountain is nearly 13in lower as of today. The coldest mountain temperature this year was recorded on February 5th at -29.3C at Park Mountain which (so far) is nearly 10C colder than being recorded all of last winter in the Shuswap. Sure, the Shuswap mountains will still accumulate a lot more snow this winter; but it remains unlikely that this winter's snowpack is coming anywhere close to last winter since we are getting close to March already.

 Lake Measurements
  Date: February 18, 2019
  Lake Level: 345.044 m 1132.03 ft.
  1-Day Change: -0.4 cm -0.2 in.
  Water Temp.: -1.1 °C 30 F
  Day Low: -3.7 °C 25 F
  Day High: 2.9 °C 37 F
  Next Update: February 19, 2019

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