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September 06, 2020: Shuswap Update
Sunny, warm weather attracting lots of visitors to local beaches, parks, the lake, and rivers this long weekend. All public beaches along the lower Shuswap River have been packed to capacity yesterday and we haven't found a single river sandbank not occupied by children, families, or groups of friends. Moreover, plenty of tubes with relaxing occupants have been seen floating downstream, passing sun bathers on many private docks and beaches. Shuswap Lake beaches have been equally as busy all day and all along the lake's shoreline.
Yesterday's boat traffic on the lake has at its peak for this year. In fact, we haven't seen this many boats on the lake for quite some time which seems close to pre-2012 long weekend levels. It's certainly good news for local rentals, restaurants, campground, and other seasonal businesses after the initial devastating COVID-19 caused season start.
The Shuswap region has been most fortunate in terms of the COVID-19 spread. Despite the gradually increasing visitor counts only a few infections have been recorded in the area and quickly isolated, keeping the Shuswap a relatively safe place to be this summer. However, the overall risk of infections is far from over yet. Please follow the official guidelines, wear face masks, and keep your safe distance. Be aware that wearing face masks remains mandatory in many stores in the area.
Lake levels have now dropped below 346m, bringing many sandbanks close to the shoreline dangerously close to the surface. Slow down and watch out when approaching or beaching your boat on the shoreline. The surface water temperature is still well above 20C in shallow waters, ideal for a quick refreshing swim in the lake.
Strong wind gusts of up to 60 km/h are expected for tonight and Monday morning. Be sure to tie up your boat securely this evening - so you can find it there again in the morning...

Our preliminary first draft of our Shuswap Lake data dashboard is now online and working properly.
Click here to preview the dashboard.
Long weekend lake pictures are being uploaded to our Facebook page today.

 Lake Measurements
  Date: September 19, 2020
  Lake Level: 345.571 m 1133.76 ft.
  1-Day Change: -2.3 cm -0.9 in.
  Water Temp.: 18.3 °C 65 F
  Day Low: 12.8 °C 55 F
  Day High: 16.7 °C 62 F
  Next Update: September 20, 2020

Lake / Weather / Flood Warnings
Air Quality Statement
Dense smoke from wildfires in the south has now reached the Shuswap, dimming the sun and blurring the view into the distance at 10 km or more. For more details and updates follow the link below.
( Environment CA - 2020-09-13, 08:00:00 am )  

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