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Runoff Report 1999.....Weather Conditions

This page displays the 1999 temperature graphs for the Shuswap Lake at Sicamous. All temperatures are given in degree Celsius and represent the daily low / high.

The temperatures were recorded by a digital thermometer, starting at December 10, 1995. The precision of the thermometer is not tested, therefore some data could be outside the actual values, especially in the extreme high / low areas.

For the numerical weather data for 1999 please follow this link here. To return to this page click on the Back-button of your browser.

The graphs show the daily high and low temperatures as a line. The colored background represent the daily high/low record markings from previous years.

Temperature October to December 1998

Temperture January to March 1999

Temperature April to June 1999

Temperature July to September 1999

Temperature October to December 1999

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